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The Digital Einstein Papers Website

The Digital Einstein Papers is an exciting new free, open-access website that puts The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein online for the very first time . . .

Penguins: The Ultimate Guide<br>Tui De Roy, Mark Jones & Julie Cornthwaite

"Ms. De Roy has swum, walked and slept amid penguins wherever they can be found on the tenuous tonsure of land, ice and rock around the Southern ocean. The book presents surreal . . .

More Than You Wanted to Know: The Failure of Mandated Disclosure<br>Omri Ben-Shahar & Carl E. Schneider

"Because consumers continue to overlook mandated disclosures, opting instead to scroll quickly through screen after screen of seemingly irrelevant legalese, this book . . .

Citizenship between Empire and Nation: Remaking France and French Africa, 1945–1960<br>Frederick Cooper

"In this archival tour de force, Frederick Cooper proposes a radically new understanding of French decolonization in Africa. Far from being determined by the irrepressible force of . . .


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